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Proever in spe
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This Amsterdam restaurant lies less than a 10 minute walk south of the Museum District and is served by trams routes 16 and 24 which start in the City Centre.

Our party of three spent a Saturday night at Magnolia. It was a full house and from what we could gather the other attendees were all non- tourists. It is always a good sign when " locals" patronise a place, and our expectations were met.

Magnolia offers various a la carte menus throughout the year, but on special occasions tries something different, especially when seasonal products are available. We were fortunate to participate in Magnolia's Asparagus Festival, as one might call it.

The menu comprised ten dishes with a bias early on to the inclusion of asparagus. Each dish consisted of fresh ingredients in unique combinations, the kind that you probably wouldn't (or couldn't) make at home, even if you were a keen cook.

Magnolia charged 39.50 Euros each customer for this delightful 10-courser, with not one dish proving to be a disappointment, at least as adjudged by our party.

The wine list is moderately priced by British standards, typically in the 25 – 30 Euros a bottle range, and single glass prices are not extortionist too. I particularly liked their Languedoc white, drunk alongside the earlier courses.

Last, but not least, I commend Magnolia's over all service. The staff went out of their way to be helpful, explaining the composition of individual courses and attending to other matters while they wrestled with the demands of 35 covers – 350 individual courses, entailing a lot of washing up!

I believe that in the Autumn Magnolia may celebrate the abundance of fowl available at that time of the year with a similar event.

I cannot vouch for the quality of food at Magnolia at other times or the standard of service, but based on that which the three of us experienced I would imagine customers would be equally well treated then.

I can assure you that you won't fond a restaurant of this calibre in Cambridge offering such unique dishes at reasonable prices.

Visit Magnolia when you're in Amsterdam and I don't think you'll be disappointed at the experience.

Raymond Caley Cambridge England

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